Saturday, June 4, 2011

Congee for 3!

Just a simple breakfast this morning of congee, dried pork, pickled gourd, 1,000 year old egg and fresh fruits!

Nice of me to have some foresight last night by making some extra rice!. :)
Nothing beats a nice lazy Saturday morning!


Congree is a rice porrage that is served with bits of egg, picked veggies and dried meats.(Really anything you want to add to it, its just a "base." Think oatmeal with addons.)

Congee can be tricky for those of you who've never made it before. There aren't specific measurements just loose guidelines.

Day old (already steamed) rice in a 2-3 quart pot. You need LESS rice than you think. My husband actually made this a little thick this morning. (Yes, my darling hubbers got up early and put it on for me. <3)
Usually 1 cup rice to about 3 cups water! Maybe even more water! You'll figure it out!

Add salt to taste.

Heat to a boil, stirring so it doesn't stick.
Then turn down to a simmer! That's it!
It will turn into a delicious rice portage!

Have a great Saturday folks! Don't get too sunburned!

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