Thursday, June 2, 2011

The first attempt!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my little blog solely dedicated to the world of Bento. Well mostly dedicated to bento. :) The reason I'm going to try and go bento for lunches for my family is two fold:

1. It's healthy.
2. It's fabulously cute!

Who can resist?

Here is the first box that I made for Mr. Kittee.
I know it's not very fancy, but hey I'm learning!  I was going to make some cute eyes for the shrimp out of my wakami but I guess it's too old because when I opened the little packets they were soggy. 8(  The humidity of summer will kill your seaweed!  A trip to the Asian store is in order this weekend!

The contents are:

Stirfried noodles with Yakasoba sauce, cabbage and zucchini resting on a bed of fresh spring salad leaves.  On top are lovely fresh boiled shrimp, cherry tomatoes and sesame seeds.  The bottom of the fruit cup has a hidden surprise of kiwi fruit topped by fresh organic strawberries and grapes.

I really hope he enjoys his lunch tomorrow!!