Friday, June 3, 2011

Kalua Pork!

This isn't your mothers pork dish boys and girls! This is slow cooked pork perfection!

Thanks to Sheri Chen over at Happy Little Bento for sharing the original recipe and inspiring me to become a Bento Mama myself!! Please visit her blog here! Happy Little Bento!  She has some amazing stuff!!

Kalua Pork

2-3 Lbs Pork butt or shoulder
1.5 Tbsp Concentrated liquid smoke
3 Tbsp Kosher, rock, or Hawaiian salt
Small head of cabbage
Sharp knife!

Put pork in crockpot, stab it repeatedly with knife, think of this as "anger management."
Coat the outside of the pig with salt. 
Add enough water to go about 3/4 the way up the sides of the pig.

Cook this sucker at 10pm at night and put it on low.
Go to bed! (And try not to spaze that your house is going to catch on fire like I did all night. Yes I know its a crock pot, yes, it's SUPPOSED to be used like that. What can I say, I am not a crock pot virgin anymore!) Just enjoy the hearty aroma of slow cooking pig as you drift into dream land but don't blame me if you dream of bacon!

Then  hard as it may be, wait until 3pm the next day...
Take the pig out of the pot and put it on a plate.
Use a fork to pull the pig apart, it should just fall apart with ease. (Wouldn't you if you'd been soaking in a hotub for 16 hours?)

Then cut your cabbage into large chunks and place in the broth of the crockpot. Put the pig back into the pot and let cook on low until cabbage is just right!

Serve cabbage and pig over hot white rice.


  1. Hahahahha! I want to try this just so I can do the "anger management" part.

  2. No kidding! It was very therapeutic!

  3. Oh my goodness; it's wonderful! Thanks for introducing me to your new bento life, and I am so honored to have been a part of your early bento blog. 2nd entry! Woohoo! Looking forward to more of your creations~ ^_^